The plançon a picot (also plançon or planson, French for "spiked graft") is a medieval French infantry weapon designed to blunt trauma as well as carrying a strong piercing head. It consists of a stout iron-shod baseball-bat like shaft (1-1.5m in length) with a steel spike attached on top. While similar to the goedendag (and often mistaken for it), it differed in details of basic design. Simple to create, these were generally carried by peasant levies and other low-cost infantry that could not afford to be equipped with more complicated weapons.

This weapon was carried alongside the goedendag, but was less often referenced (possibly due to the goedendag's fame in the Battle of the Golden Spurs), and it was ultimately supplanted by the improvement of full plate armor and the move of professional infantry forces to the use of pikes and halberds, against which the plançon was generally ineffective.