The schiavonesca (Italian "of the Slavic style") is a type of long sword or two-handed war sword used by Albanian, Dalmatian, and Greek mercenaries (stradioti) in the employ of the Venetian Republic at the turn of the 16th century.

Characteristics include an Oakeshott Type XIIIa blade intended as a large cutting surface for hewing through mail, a long hilt for two handed use, a curled cross-piece, and a square pommel.

Like the Scottish claymore, many of these blades would eventually be cut down and refitted with basket hilts for use as cavalry swords; these would become the far better-known schiavona.

Most surviving schiavonesca can be found at the Ducal Museum in Venice, Italy.



  • 1 2 steel, Venetian, Venice, Italy


  • 1 review of Del Tin 2152 Schiavonesca (steel) - older model, see next link for current version
  • 1 review of Del Tin 5152 Schiavonesca (steel) - Oakeshott Type XIIIa blade (variant), Type Z pommel, Style 12 guard